Experience more ‘being’ in your daily ‘business’

Getting rid of habit patterns and working more effectively? During this intensive mindfulness training, away from the daily worries and routines, you learn the power of applying mindfulness to your work and private life. You experience more inner peace and relaxation.

The word Mindfulness could be seen as alertness, attentiveness or carefulness. However, those terms do not cover the deeper meaning. With Mindfulness, we practice being fully and closely present at what there is; consciously, without judging our experience, and with an attitude of acceptance and kindness. Mindfulness helps with trying to find balance in life. Skills are being trained to handle painful and difficult things of life or stress better. Automatic behavior patterns are discovered to get rid of them and to become freer in making choices that are appropriate. Mindfulness contributes to the development of personal qualities.



You develop Mindfulness by practicing (a lot!). This training is all about experience. We train our attention through meditations and attention exercises. We exchange experiences and, where necessary, there are short theoretical explanations. You continue practicing at work and at home and you make time for this every day.

The following topics are discussed:

  • mindfulness: usefulness and application
  • working and communicating with attention
  • unwanted habit patterns
  • handling difficult emotions
  • various meditation exercises
  • mindfulness in the work situation


Benefits and Results

  • You will have more energy and vitality
  • You will find more peace and relaxation in the daily hustle and bustle
  • You will have a better focus
  • You will enjoy work and life more
  • in difficult situations, you will respond from awareness rather than from fixed patterns

You will enhance the following competencies:

  • creativity/resourcefulness
  • Flexibility
  • Result Orientation
  • Stress Resistance
  • Self-control


Time span: from a 2 hour Mindfulness Masterclass to a 3 times 1 day with 2 weeks in between the training days
Number of particpants: 6-16
Investment: on request

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