Strengthen your mental shield

This training is intended to strengthen the mental strength and mental resilience of professionals. Top athletes participating in mental training win significantly more medals compared to athletes who do not. The same goes for managers and other professionals in organizations: making yourself mentally stronger is a guarantee for better performance in your work and life.



In the training, you learn techniques to enhance your mental shield significantly. Stressors are banging on this shield every day, both at work and at home. Through targeted training of mental skills, such as setting goals, visualization, stress control, attention control, thought training and action/reflection, you give this mental shield a continuous boost.



  • Increased mental resistance
  • More energy
  • Continued working on your task in a concentrated way
  • Better thought control
  • Better performance
  • Increased resilience
  • Targeted visualization for effective achievement of goals


Time span: from a 2 hour Mental Power Masterclass to a 3 times 1 day with 2 weeks in between the training days
Investment: on request

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