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The HeartMath® The Resilience Advantage program is a powerful scientific and evidence-based group training for stress reduction, performance enhancement, awareness, and personal growth.

The HeartMath® The Resilience Advantage program is a powerful scientific and evidence-based group training for stress reduction, performance enhancement, awareness, and personal growth.

On average, each euro invested in HeartMath® yields around 2.5 euros after one year, which is a return of 250%. After two years, this is about 400% (See Cost Benefits of HeartMath®).

Being in Business® is the leader in the application of HeartMath® in organizations. Over the past fifteen years, Being in Business has hosted over 250 HeartMath® training courses in organizations.

The core of HeartMath® training and coaching for professionals is working with the HeartMath® biofeedback system. Biofeedback means using technology to see on a screen what is happening in your body and mind.

This direct visual feedback makes HeartMath® so popular in organizations. If you experience stress, you will see on the screen that your heart rate is chaotic or incoherent. Nevertheless, if you feel good, the heart rate is like a beautiful and harmonious wave, or coherent. In the training course, you will learn to self-control this heart rate so that you can directly neutralize stress in a visible, measurable, and tangible way and feel your flow and strength again for an optimal performance in your work and life. The core of the techniques consists of applying intentional and intelligent breathing and activating positive feelings.



Program training HeartMath® Peak Performance

This is a in-company training meant for teams and departments in organisations that want to improve resilience and reduce and regulate stress with a scientifically and evidence based method.

The results of the training will be measured by an independent institute (Soffos) with a validated questionairre (the Stress Rem 42).

The average measured stress reduction in companies is 40%.

In the training you will work with a laptop with the HeartMath® biofeedback software and infrared sensor to measure your heart rate variability and heart coherence.

Depending on your available time and budget the training will be custom-made. Therefore the duration of a HeartMath workshop/training may vary between 2 hours and 7 dayparts.

The core of the HeartMath techniques consists of the application of conscious and intelligent breathing and the activation of positive and regenerative feelings that will, measurably, change your heartrythm into a more coherent state.



Based on evidencepowerful stress reduction, much less absenteeism, greatly increased productivity and creativity and a greatly increased happiness in employees in general, which leads to greater customer loyalty.

Yields money: According to measures based on Return on Investment (ROI), each euro invested in HeartMath® yields around 2.5 euros after one year. In short, that is a very high ROI

Easy to learn: the techniques are simple and, therefore, easy to learn in a training and immediately applicable after that.

Measurable: on your computer or phone, you can immediately see the results of the practicing of the HeartMath® techniques (objective) and through subjective questionnaires before and after the training (validated questionnaires StressRem42).

Scientifically proven: Over twenty years of scientific research by the cardiologists and neurologists of the HeartMath® Institute creates a strong foundation for the techniques and results.

Fun to do: Because the effect is visible and tangible so quickly, you are inclined to apply the techniques more often. This allows for a positive spiral. In addition, there are fun games and visualizers in the biofeedback system that reward you if your heart rate is harmonious (coherent), which is fun to do.

Balance between mind and heart: By practicing the HeartMath® techniques, you develop a better balance between the intelligence of mind and heart, Consequently, you are rested, so you effortlessly join the emerging new awareness age.

Applicable everywhere: You can truly apply the learned HeartMath® techniques everywhere: in moments of truth like meetings, presentations, sales calls, and performance evaluations, as well as while waiting at a checkout, in the car, and in bed before going to sleep.



Time span: from 2 hours to 7 dayparts
Number of particpants: 6-16
Investment:on request

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  • "... A wonderful, effective path to serenity for crazy, busy executives. The program not only works as a "problem fixer"

    Bob MorganPresident, Council of Growing Companies
  • I participated in the HeartMath Peak Performance training out of curiosity. During the training, I was impressed by the effect of fairly simple (breathing) techniques for your heart coherence and, hence, health. The fact that this was measured and displayed on your computer screen ensured the training was very realistic rather than vague. The HeartMath vitality training was provided by an inspiring trainer, who truly understood the matter. As a result, related topics, such as nutritional advice and meditation, could also be addressed if so desired. In short, I recommend this training to everyone with a busy job, who wants to gain insights and techniques to handle stress, improve performance, and for whom one’s health is a priority. It does require discipline to continue the techniques in one’s daily work after the course. The trainers try to help you as much as possible, but you are the one responsible for this. Give yourself that gift!

    Drs. Viviana Kooistra-VoorwaldPartner Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V
  • The HeartMath Peak Performance training has helped me improve my personal stress management and vitality management. It is amazing how your positive feelings and inner peace increase and tension and stress diminish during (and after) the course. This is specifically accomplished through breathing techniques “through the heart” and the power of positive thinking! I recommended this to anyone wanting to improve the quality of one’s life. Who knows, you may also grow older or fall sick less often. Indirectly, the home front also enjoys it because positive feelings rub off on your surroundings. Do it!

    Drs. Wim van RooijPartner Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V
  • "Provocative and highly practical approach at the heart of business and personal success in the next millennium ... [HeartMath is] a potent combination of biomedical and research validation with heart-based technology."

    Ken Blanchardco-author, The One-Minute Manager and Gung Ho
  • "Like many organisations I work for is performance driven-it’s data driven-and people like to see the proof that something works. Heartmath gives you that proof."

    Chris Roythorne, M.D.Chief Medical Officer, BP

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