The next step in your leadership... is a leap!

A quantum leap to be precise, resulting in optimum performance, more balance, and a more successful leadership.

You do not make this leap with a traditional leadership training course. The only way you can take a major step as a leader is to become aware of the powerful, result-increasing effect of increased awareness.

You are determined to enter a new world in which the growth of your organization will be the tangible result of the growth you experience as a leader.

This training is also offered in-company as customized training for executives and high potentials.

Start your way to Conscious Leadership now.



The training Conscious Leadership consists of 3 trainingmodules of 3 days each and 1 retraitemodule of 12 days (including travel) in Ananda Spa, Himalaya, India.

We realize that this is a considerable time investment for full-time occupied principals. However, to achieve the promised quantum leap in conscious growth, we deem this time investment as necessary in order to master the offered methods, techniques, models and insights.

You could compare it to a bow and arrow: The arrow is pulled back 30cm in order to be propelled 300 metres: You invest in yourself to allow the acquired inner peace and conscious growth to work as a lever and springboard for the permanent enhancement of your quality and efficiency as a leader.

During the course, you work on a practical assignment (the realisation of an important objective/wish in your professional life) which is practised during training and then introduced into reality.



In the Conscious Leadership training, you develop the following seven core competencies:

Awareness: Mindfulness, present right here right now, self-observation, acceptance, alertness, being open to signals and synchronicity, awareness of the body, self-knowledge at deep levels.

Transcendence: Guiding the mind on the way in, being able to charge oneself quickly, relaxation, concentration, meditation, contemplation, surrender, letting go, dedication, courage, discipline, inner and outer silence, managing inner silence.

Intuition: Inner navigation system, being able to listen to inner signals, developing inner knowing, being connected to yourself, others and feeling everything, empathy, your sixth sense as strategic advantage.

Coherence: Radiating harmony, enhancing charisma, positive influence on others, being able to take yourself quickly to the physiological top performance state of ‘heart coherence,’ appreciation of and gratitude for the experience of the current moment.

Inspiring Vision: Being able to develop and convey vision, enhancing, visualization (visions, dreams, symbols), inner and outer connection, enthuse, being able to create a report and calibrate.

Creation force: Being able to spiritualize and to materialize and being able to switch easily between the two, taking full responsibility (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), firmness, willpower, vigor, and vitality.

Unselfishness: Servant leadership, social sense, connection with higher values and ideals, transcendence of the ego, letting go of targets, not being attached to outcome or what you achieve, self-sacrifice, patience.

Working with Universal Laws

In addition, you will learn to work with the so-called universal laws. These universal laws can be seen as universally applicable ‘rules of the game’ that underlie the order and harmony of the universe. These are confirmed by recent scientific insights. Understanding and increased mastery of these laws are one of the most important “secret” keys to exponential growth in your leadership. In this Master, you will finally receive these keys…

Spiritual energy penetrates the whole human being (thinking, feeling, doing) through awareness; with that, a spiritual leader energetically has a major impact on the team and organization in which one works. The power of the Master is that these big, abstract, and, for some people, vague terms are translated into concrete, measurable techniques and results.


Period: 3 modules of each 3 days and a retraite in the Himalayas of 12 days. At the beginning and the end of the training there is an individual Being in Balance® Coaching session.
Group: 6-12 participants.
Price: On request.

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