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Being in Business is Business Partner for “Mindvalley for Business”.

Mindvalley is currently one of the trendiest companies in the world and the leading online learning platform in the field of Corporate Health, Well Being and Happiness & Employee engagement with 15 million students in 80 countries.

With a very attractively priced license fee, an employee is granted ‘all access’ for one year to the Mindvalley for Business learning platform with more than 200 online programs in the field of (personal) leadership, health & fitness, workplace stress, employee engagement, life design, career & influence, mind & spirit, etc.

In addition, there is all access for the ‘video library of coaching with world’s best experts’ and access to all podcasts and transcripts.

Mindvalley won the ‘World Blu Award for most democratic workplaces’ for 11 consecutive years and their office in Kuala Lumpur won the title of ‘one of the coolest offices on the planet’ in 2017 and 2010, and this year Mindvalley is ‘one of the world’s top 3 places to work ‘. In other words: They walk their talk!

Mindvalley for Business is best known for the Hollywood/Netflix level of film quality of their online learning programs and for the fact that they only work with the very best coaches, trainers and leaders in the world in the respective fields of expertise.

Besides individual employees also teams in organisations can participate in all the learning ‘Quests’ on the Mindvalley for Business platform and thereby boosting their teamspirit, teammotivation, team health & well being, team performance and team employee engagement with at most 10 – 20 minutes of inspiration / learning time per day, designed with the principles of ‘micro learning’.

In the field of mental fitness, for example, there is the program “Superbrain” with top expert Jim Kwik.

Or become 180 years old with “How to live to be 180” with anti-age guru Dave Asprey or regulate your stress with “Meditation for Performance” with celebrity coach Emily Fletcher.

Some other examples of ‘Learning Quests’ and general programs on the “all access” Mindvalley for Business platform are for example:

• Wildfit
• Lifebook
• Principles of organizational Health
• Harmony & Balance in Life and Work
• How to live your life with Purpose
• How to optimize your Nutrition
• Superhuman longevity and health
• The most dangerous lies we believe about our food
• How to get 10x the results from your workout
• The Passion test
• The four pillars of wellness
• Meditation for the modern age
• Meditaton for better performance
• Advanced biohacking
• The truth about your body

At companies such as Google, PWC, Intel, Deloitte, Facebook, Wework, Petronas, Duracell etc. the results of introducing Mindvalley for Business for their employees are impressive:

• 37% higher revenue growth
• 87% higher employee retention
• 31% more productive teams

Watch this short video (1 min 10 sec) about Mindvalley for Business:

And this one about ‘Work as Healing‘:

And watch a few trailers of the inspiring Mindvalley for Business learning Quests:

Hero. Genius. Legend with Robin Sharma:

Lifebook with Jon and Missy Butcher:

Wildit with Eric Edmeades:

Superbrain with Jim Kwik:

The Habit of Ferocity with Steven Kotler


Here you can download the entire Mindvalley for Business Quest catalogue with all the learning programs.

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