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Many consider Being in Balance® to be one of the most powerful forms of coaching currently available in the world. No other coaching form in the world goes to the essence so quickly and can be measured by effectiveness so well, even down to the smallest details.

Being in Balance® focuses on highly advanced technology, using a body-mind scan of up to ten minutes that measures ninety billion stress points, quickly finding the essential issue. Thus, in a short period of time, you can see where you are in balance and where you are not, even at DNA level.

With this, we effectively help professionals on an individual basis by finding and breaking obstructive patterns and inner saboteurs. In a short period of time, we raise awareness and activate sources for better balance and performance. This way, we achieve a stress reduction of forty percent on average and you reach your next level of performance and vitality in an accelerated way.


Why Being in Balance®?

Choosing Being in Balance has the following advantages over conventional coaching:

    • Result: Stress reduction and performance improvement of forty percent on average.
    • Effective: In a relatively short time (five sessions of 1.5 hours on average), you will be a better version of yourself
    • Measurable: No other coaching form in the world can measure its effects so well, even down to the smallest details. The coachee’s progress is visible on the screen.
    • Affordable:: We have deliberately made Being in Balance affordable so that it is accessible to as many professionals in organizations as possible. The price/quality ratio is very favorable.
    • Hoge ‘Net Promotor Score’: met een gemiddelde ‘net promotor score’ van 9,2 geven klanten aan erg enthousiast te zijn over Being in Balance®

Being in Business has a network of  Being in Balance® Coaches and will find the best suitable Being in Balance® Coach for you. Here you find an overview of the available Being in Balance® Coaches and also additional information about the Being in Balance® Coaching method.



Being in Balance® coaching can be done in several ways: QuickScan, Vitality, Performance, Mobility, and SoulSearching:

  • Vitality “Make the difference as a vital and motivated employee and charge your physical, emotional, mental, and inspirational batteries”
  • Performance “Unleash your full potential, become the caterpillar version of yourself, and take your performance to the next level.”
  • Mobility “Find your passion and mission and, from your heart, take action to ensure an appropriate and inspiring new work environment in or outside your current organization.”
  • Mental Power “Versterk je mentale weerbaarheid voor topprestaties in ‘moments of truth.”
  • QuickScan “A low-cost, high-speed session to map quickly how you feel as a professional and to become aware of your inner saboteurs”
  • SoulSearching “An afternoon for reflection and contemplation to reconnect with your inner passion as a flywheel for your further professional life.”


Time period: QuickSan 1 hour, SoulSearching 1 day part , Being in Balance® Vitality, Performance, Mobility and Mental Power: 5 sessions of 2 hours with 2 weeks in between the sessions.
Groupsize: individual
Price: On request

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