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Corporate Happiness requires Corporate Awakening and Corporate Healing.

Corporate Awakening

Unfortunately, the world is facing various crises: financial, supply, energy, resources, climate, nutrition, water, biodiversity, health.
In our view, the mother of these crises, the crisis causing the others, is a lack of awareness and Conscious Leadership. This calls for more awareness and waking up to realize and activate our true and infinite potential.
Here, everyone is a potential leader in one’s own area (‘follow yourself, your heart’ instead of ‘follow the leader’).
Being in Business facilitates and accelerates this process of awareness. Awareness is the new capital.

Corporate Healing

Ninety percent of all diseases are stress related according to recent studies by Stanford University and the American Stress Institute. Stress means experiencing unpleasant feelings. Employees in organizations focused excessively on profit experience much stress. Here, the balance between Being and Business is lost.A person working from purpose works from the heart and experiences more inner balance between this ‘Being mode’ and ‘Business mode’ because the natural, coherent rhythm of the heart is always looking for this balance.


Being in Business helps professionals in organizations become more whole in oneself (healing means being whole, balanced) by restoring the balance between Being and Business.

That also means not being afraid to follow the road inside: going inside. It is not without reason that the word ‘in’ is in Being in Business three times.
The word ‘in’ also stands for inner navigation system: your heart. Listening to your heart means following what feels right: follow your bliss. Listen to your heart; it is always beating.
Finally, Being in Business is a Business. Being in Business chooses harmonic wealth: adding value to the planet rather than extracting from it. It inspires organizations to do the same.

How do we create Corporate Happiness?

Through training and coaching leaders and other professionals in organizations.

We thereby produce measurable impact in terms of:

# Behavioral change
# Employee satisfaction and feelings of happiness

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