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For twenty years now, Being in Business has inspired professionals in organizations, raising their awareness, and enhancing their performance through its training and coaching.


Being in Business would like to contribute to Corporate Happiness in order to contribute to Global Happiness. Being in Business is the business market branch of the larger plan called Being the World.


Currently, there is much scientific evidence that organizations with happy employees perform better and have less absenteeism and less turnover. For example, research among many thousands of people by American scientists shows that companies with happy and satisfied employees achieve more profits and higher sales: “Employer happiness drives customer happiness.” Hence, Profit is a consequence of Purpose. Happy employees are people with a purpose: they are deeply motivated to contribute to a better world.


Being in Business wants to help organizations that wish to transition successfully from profit centered to purpose centered.

The (outdated) profit-centered model leads to many losers (source: Beyond MBA, Huib Broekhuis):

  • Employees: they are seen as human resources.
  • Customers: They are the means to achieve the organization’s profit goals. The customer is of value to the organization, rather than the other way around.
  • The planet: Companies exist for themselves. They extract value and resources from the ecosystem and the planet as a whole and generate diseases due to stressed employees.

Only the shareholders seem to win here (financially). However, deep in their hearts, they do not win because it never really feels good if there are losers too.

When focusing on Purpose, all parties win and the shareholders feel better too…

Core values Being in Business

  • Conscious: We act from the highest possible awareness and with attention
  • Focused on the heart: We act with empathy, compassion, and from intuition
  • Epic: We dare to be brave and realize a big dream and we dare to be different and make choices: the purple cow
  • Simplicity: We leave out all that is unnecessary
  • Impact: We touch people’s heart/core and as a result, we can achieve quick and profound results

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