Being in Business for Corporate Happiness

Currently, there is much scientific evidence that organizations with happy employees perform better and have less absenteeism and less turnover. For example, research among many thousands of people by American scientists shows that companies with happy and satisfied employees achieve more profits and higher sales: “Employer happiness drives customer happiness.” Hence, Profit is a consequence of Purpose. Happy employees are people with a purpose: they are deeply motivated to contribute to a better world. Being in Business wants to help organizations that wish to transition successfully from profit centered to purpose centered.

Training & Coaching


In the Being in Business  trainings we often make use of innovative and consciousness expanding technology or, in other words,:

# High Tech: application of technologies like HeartMath® en Being in Balance®;
# High Touch: we touch people’s heart
# High Impact: therefore we achieve powerful results in a relative short period of time with happier employees. We use the formula Result = Time Spent x Personal Strengths’ (instead of the old paradimg ‘Result =Time Spent x Productivity’).

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Also our individual coachingsprogram have the basis of ‘High Tech’ and ‘High Touch’ which lead to ‘High Impact’.

This impact and the return on investment of the coaching and training programs are being measured by:

# Validated questionairres  like the ‘ StressRem42’ and ‘360 degrees both with a base and final measurement
# Objective  technology: The Being in Balance®  scantechnology and the HeartMath®: Emwave technology
# The ‘Net promotor score ‘ with use of the ‘Ultimate Customer Question’

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